I typically dislike it when creatives use the negative to sell a product, as often times the ideas aren’t as sophisticated and rely on immature or brash imagery and tone to share a message. It can be funny, sure, but also can leave a neutral or sour taste about the brand. The Mayhem character is not a new one to the advertising world; bad guys who are stopped by the advertised product have definitely been successful in the past. It just seems that a great example of such a technique hasn’t appeared in a while.

What I find especially successful about this campaign is a combination of well thought-out factors. One, the casting couldn’t have been more spot on. Dean Winters—from shows like Oz and 30 Rock—really epitomizes the Mayhem persona. He wears a suit but looks like he just got out of a bar fight. He’s calm and straightforward about the destruction he causes and that matter-of-factness really hits home—especially when Winters literally hits homes. Or cars. Or motorcycles.

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